Vindication (International Only)

Created by Orange Nebula

For orders in the USA, please visit Vindication (formerly Epoch: The Awakening) is a highly strategic tabletop board game for 2-5 players. The main mechanic is action selection with advanced resource management and an optional focus on area control. Game play generally takes 15-30 minutes per player.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Epoch Update #29: Alert! Pledge Manager Closes February 12
over 1 year ago – Sat, Feb 03, 2018 at 12:22:02 AM

No fancy-pants title today, my soon-to-be-vindicated friend.

We'll be locking down credit cards on February 12 and preparing to finalize manufacturing through March, freight in April, and of course, the shipping of Epoch: the Awakening in May.

Slurk, Grand-Daddy of the Marsh
Slurk, Grand-Daddy of the Marsh

It's time to finalize your order details

If you've already locked in your credit card information and your proper mailing address (the one you'll have in May) you should be good to go. It's probably a good idea to check to make sure you've added the component upgrades if you're interested in those.

If you're a retailer, you'll be getting a separate email from us in the next week with the details of your particular order.

If you need help, go here first to manage your survey:

If you have any trouble there, BackerKit should be able to help you with any issues. Submit your question here for the support team to reply to:

As a last resort you can contact Marc directly here:

The Visual Guide (Rulebook) Available Now

The latest version of the Visual Guide is available to download here. It does not include the complete card index or the back cover which will have a visual index by topic. We're opening this up to the community to make sure the book is as helpful as possible. Feel free to comment within dropbox with regard to verbiage, grammar, or any other helpful comments with regard to how the book reads and is organized. This is version 20, so we feel pretty good about it.

If you have comments about the game play itself, please direct those to our Facebook page, and someone will be happy to dive in and chat with you about play.

The Art and Lore of Epoch

The Lore Book — written by Big Tom Casual
The Lore Book — written by Big Tom Casual

The beauty of Epoch was created by over 20 illustrators from around the world. The story was conceptualized by Marc Neidlinger — but brought to life in this amazing 28-page piece of eye-candy through the thoughtful word-smithery of Big Tom Casual. We're so amazingly blessed to have his talent on the project. No, you can't download it. That would not do it justice. But, here's an excerpt:

“Greed” — illustration by Emiliano H. Cordoba
“Greed” — illustration by Emiliano H. Cordoba

GREED “Our past selves never truly leave us. They linger quietly in the background, drifting subtle whispers on the breeze, gently tugging our hearts, nudging our emotions; imperceptibly drawing us back inch by inch, hoping for the day they can reach out and reclaim us. Guard your heart with vigilance, the most cunning enemy comes from within.” — The Art & Lore of Epoch, page 24

Card Sneak Peek:  Mornak, Lost in Shadow

“Quests for the fabled Pool of Longevity diminished greatly when the island’s most famous explorer vanished and the impassable bog beast appeared. Many assume the explorer was one of the creature’s first victims. Others have drawn a different, more tragic, conclusion.” — The Art & Lore of Epoch, page 17

A Few Words from Lacey the Untamed

Hello Epochians :)

Good morning. Good evening. Good night. Wherever you are in the world... hello. I have a confession. I'm an audio book addict. Want to hear my favorite quote from this week's listening? Of course you do!

“This defines exactly what I want to strive to be—a person who holds onto “stubborn gladness,” even when we dwell in darkness. I want to be able to contain both of them within me at the same time, remain able to cultivate joy and wonder even at life’s bleakest.” - Elizabeth Gilbert

This is a trait I focus on achieving and implore you to explore as well. Stubborn. Freaking.Gladness.

Lost $20 from my pocket? How interesting! I wonder how creative I can be with less!

Does this mean I don't ever want to cry? Be stressed? Throw stuff when I'm pissed? No. It just means I'm more okay with it when I do have those feelings and take those actions.

Marc and Tom are working hard to wrap Epoch up with bows and ribbons and sparkles for you to enjoy. I read the lore book last week. When I got to the end.... I was sad... Because it was the end. I wanted more! You guys will love it. We are so grateful for the opportunity to communicate with you, and we're working hard to deliver you a product you'll truly enjoy.

We love you guys. Thank you for being on this journey with us. #grateful

The ambassadors at the Epochalypse Party:  Lacey, Big Tom, Mike, Lucas, Jared (Joey had to leave early, Marc is hiding behind a pillar)
The ambassadors at the Epochalypse Party: Lacey, Big Tom, Mike, Lucas, Jared (Joey had to leave early, Marc is hiding behind a pillar)


Epoch Update #28: Quadruple Fist Pumps, Speed Octagons, and The Year of Vindication
over 1 year ago – Sun, Jan 07, 2018 at 01:11:40 AM

Long time no fist pump? Problem solved.

You. Are. Wretched.
You. Are. Wretched.

Big Tom:  This is Your Year of Vindication!

Hello Epochians, welcome to your year of vindication!

Your continued excellence in communitying is wonderful. This comment section is still among my favorite places to go on the Internet and automatically loads each time I open a new browser session. Thank you for being light in each other’s lives.

This is going to be a GREAT year. Epoch is wonderful and keeps getting better. Marc’s commitment to squeezing every last piece of excellence into this as it moves through manufacturing is inspiring. You'll see what I mean when you open your copy. Each time he shows me something new I have to stop myself from slapping him and yelling, 'DO YOU EVER SLEEP!?' Out of love of course. But I don't. Because I like the things and want the things.

The new cooperative sci-fi game concepts are coalescing into something seriously special. We're quite focused on all things Epoch at the moment but every time we switch over to working on the new game there's something electric in the air. I know you want to see stuff. WE want to see stuff - were just not at that point yet. I promise you it's our heart to share and involve you and keep this amazing Orange Nebula Community rolling. When the time comes you'll have plenty to see. (Insert giddy-faced emoji).

Much love,

Big Tom

First Look:  New Wretched / Vindicated Player Tiles can vindicate yourself. can vindicate yourself.

If you're signed up for Orange Nebula e-news, you probably just got a snappy, bright gift in your inbox showing you a different player tile. You can sign up here if you haven't already.

But seriously. Why wasn't all of this value in the Kickstarter campaign? Because it didn't exist then. Your backing allowed us the opportunity to make the cool things and fun stuff that are most assuredly going to spread that smile across your beautiful face.

Refreshed Mount, Mastery, and Proficiency Tiles

To strengthen the consistency of the visual language, Marc refreshed the shape and design elements for these tiles as well. Keep in mind that all of this will be thick, 3mm black-core board with a nice linen finish. So wonderfully tactile.  

Updated Mount / Speed Tiles
Updated Mount / Speed Tiles


Mastery Tiles & Proficiency Tiles
Mastery Tiles & Proficiency Tiles

Manufacturer Prototypes for the Miniatures

I'm sure you don't care. At all. But on the rare chance that you may be curious, we've added a couple new images on this thread on BoardGameGeek showing the progress on the miniatures. #fistpump #quadruplefistpump #youllneedafriendforthat

Mike V, Ambassador of the Fellowship, teaching Epoch at the Epochalypse party
Mike V, Ambassador of the Fellowship, teaching Epoch at the Epochalypse party

When Will Credit Cards be Charged?

Great question! We're extending the pre-order store by 2 weeks, and will close the store on February 14. Cards will be charged almost immediately, on February 14, possibly the 15th. 

If you paid for the component upgrades during the campaign, you'll only be charged for shipping at that time. However, if you upgraded or added anything using BackerKit, those charges and the shipping will be charged to your card at this time.

The Pressure is On..and We Embrace It

So, as many of you may have seen yesterday, Epoch made Tom Vasel's (the Dice Tower) “Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2018” in the #3 slot. Now, nobody at the Dice Tower (to our knowledge) has seen or played Epoch yet, so they're merely *hoping* for the best. As are you.

We're adrenalized by this, and want you to know that we're hoping to overdeliver this game to you and Tom and everyone else in such a fashion that it'll be something worthy of being memorable.


The Boulder Hulk mini is for backers only. Rumble...rumble...
The Boulder Hulk mini is for backers only. Rumble...rumble...


Lacey the Untamed, Some Guy, and Big Tom Casual:  Master of the Gilded Word
Lacey the Untamed, Some Guy, and Big Tom Casual: Master of the Gilded Word


Epoch Update #27: Wading into the LiveStream, Creepy Skull Necklaces, and Ginormous Prototypes
over 1 year ago – Fri, Dec 08, 2017 at 10:55:43 PM

Greetings from the island, companion.

Lacey the Magical Forest Princess here. Happy December!! It’s the month of Christmas, Marc’s birthday (the 21st), and our Enchanted Winter Epochalypse Celebration Extravaganza!

Production Update

We're on schedule. Duh. Games will still be shipping in May at this point.
Boom-Shaka-Laka. (Insert 4 different forms of the Lacey fancy-dance).

Streaming Into Your World

Watch it for up to 48 hours after the event!
Watch it for up to 48 hours after the event!


We’ll be livestreaming from the 8-Hour Winter Epochalypse Party tomorrow, December 9, at 4pm Pacific Time.

Got questions you want answered? Leave them in the comments. I’ll be running the show and fielding questions for Marc, myself, Big Tom, and Mike V!

Subscribe to the livestream here. But only if you if you like cake, laughing, and talking about humongous minis…

Yes. You read correctly. Humongous minis. Want a sneak peek?

We know. It doesn't even make sense. Want to see one? No, of course you don’t. That’d be weird. Okay, yeah you do.

Just click here before we rethink unveiling this to you.

December Meet ‘N’ Greet

Hi. This is Ruak, Defender of the Sacred Spirit. He says, “Hello!”

“The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder.” — Sockman
“The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder.” — Sockman

We love you guys.

Have a great day, and we’ll see you on the livestream!

Epoch Update #26: Fibbers, Festivities, and Taking Extra Turns
over 1 year ago – Fri, Nov 24, 2017 at 11:41:57 PM

Oh. Well hello, friend.

Empress Rhun, the Violet Sun
Empress Rhun, the Violet Sun

First Things First

FACT:  Manufacturing has begun. Production is underway, specifically on the miniatures, which are the most difficult and time-consuming aspect of production. The very moment I get photos, samples, and any other joyous shriek-invoking news about them, I'll post something immediately so that we can share that joy together. OK? OK.

FACT:  Timeline is on schedule, but tighter than it was before. We lost a couple of weeks there going back and forth to make sure the components and pricing were dialed in precisely. I will not sacrifice quality at any time during this process — I will protect your investment at all costs. The good news is that I padded a few weeks so we're still on schedule, and I have absolute faith that we will continue to be on schedule. #genuinegrin

Sneak Peek #1:  In Your Inbox

Our e-news went out today, sharing a new Treachery card concept that might rock you. Okay, it's going to rock your opponents if you get your mitts on it first, provided you can handle treachery in your party. Check your inbox. If you're not on the list, get on the list. #worthit

Sneak Peek #2:  The Scholar

However, here's a look at the Scholar, a card named by a backer and member of this community, Christopher Park-Thomas, who wrote a wonderful snippet about the companion in the comments for update #25. To be honest, there were *many* wonderful submissions for it, but we were moved by the poetic beauty of Christopher's entry. Here he is:

The island has a name. It’s had many names through the countless eons that came before the now. Before the Holy empire, before the learned Sultans, before Alexander's Great World, and that of the Dynastic Xia. Before even Gilgamesh fought-then-friended Enkidu. Before the 2nd great flood when Atlantis sank. Before the Guardians of Stone first rose from their slumbers in the earth and crumbled. Names upon names for as long as the wretched have come. But before even then it had a name. A sacred name before all others.

In secret tomes and scribbled notes of madmen, Anazi’birin has found a thousand names that came before. Yet the first still eludes him. But he is devoted, because he believes that invoking this sacred name shall not only touch the wretched awash upon the island's shores... but shall restore the island’s fallen ruins to the power they held in the golden age before the wretched – and in so doing, the island itself may be Vindicated.

#nowords #crushedit

The 8-Hour Winter Epochalypse Party

Add a companion, move to the Vancouver, WA region tile, and gain 10 honor.
Add a companion, move to the Vancouver, WA region tile, and gain 10 honor.

Free food. Epoch expansion plays. Kickstarter Live stream. High-spirited mischievous behavior. It's all yours.

Saturday, December 9, from 2pm-10pm Pacific. If you're coming, please RSVP on the FaceBook Event Page.

If you're trapped on another region of the earth, please answer this primary question:  which 2-hour block would you like us to Live Stream? Let us know in the comments the time you prefer and the guild you represent and we'll schedule appropriately. #pajamas #nopromises

Motivation Minute

Lacey here. Do you know what we love about this whole process? Connecting with people like you. We believe that people are happiest when they're doing what they love. When they're bringing something into the world that ONLY THEY can dream up.  What are you dreaming about? What fills your heart? Whatever it is... DO IT! You are special. Talented. And we are grateful to call you a member of this community.

Epoch Update #25: Cake Lore, Onomastics, and Rapid Prototyping
over 1 year ago – Sun, Oct 15, 2017 at 01:12:09 AM

Hail, wondrous Epochian. 

Hira and Gan
Hira and Gan

Hi. Guess what? All is well. We've got games in manufacturing right now, with shipping still estimated for May. We've got the 8-Hour Winter Epochalypse Party on December 9. We've got leprechauns and yetis running around wildly. Everything is as it should be.

Who Wants Cake?

Where did it come from? What secrets does it hold?
Where did it come from? What secrets does it hold?

As you know, Big Tom has been whaling / wailing away at some of the history and personality behind the companions, relics, regions and monsters of the island. I've read probably a dozen pages so far and let me say it — this is no trick — you're in for a fluffy, frosted treat. He's started a forum on BoardGameGeek to gather some of your thoughts on the Ethereal Cake Knife. It's well worth your time to take a peek and lend him some of your wisdom.

Click here to lend us your insights on the forum.

We're Not Wizards…But There’s Magic in the Air

We're Not Wizards podcast featuring Orange Nebula and Richard Simpson
We're Not Wizards podcast featuring Orange Nebula and Richard Simpson

Lacey and I just finished our second foray into the We're Not Wizards podcast, hosted by the unapologetically-addicted-to-obscure-breakfast-foods Richard Simpson from Scotland. Not gonna lie, his voice will summon unicorns to graze in your meadow. If you own a meadow, that is. High five if you own a meadow. I wish I did.

Richard informed me this week that it was the #1 most-listened-to episode in the last 30 days. Activate gratitude: gain 2 honor. If you're interested, you can catch the latest podcast with Lacey and I here. I'd covet your thoughts and feedback, as we attribute most of what we do to the community. As always, every episode is fantastic, so I highly recommend you subscribe to the podcast. It's a riot. Not the kind with molotov-cocktails, better than that. Maybe more like lemon drops.

Challenge:  Onomastics

How are you at onomastics? This scholar needs a name...any ideas? Pop them into the Kickstarter comments. Sell it to us. If we like the name, we'll use it in the final game! Tips for success: don't use references to anyone alive or dead. Make it unique. Tie it to the story you tell yourself about the island. What's he reading? Why?

Artwork by Martin Sickree
Artwork by Martin Sickree

Sneaky Peeky

New game update: we're moving to prototype and preliminary graphic design. We've been working primarily on Epoch manufacturing, but the mind never stops and I'm excited to share bits and pieces of our progress on the cooperative game. Now that the conceptual design is 7 months old, I think it's time to start putting it to work with human beings.

Deep. Modular. Customized. Human.
Deep. Modular. Customized. Human.

I'm hoping to show very small glimpses of how it's going without spoilers, so hopefully around Thanksgiving I'll have a few photos to share with components in play. We've gotten a few comments from folks about competitive games vs. collaborative ones. What's your feeling on the matter? How do you feel about multi-game campaigns?

Thank You

Again, this is the best-est, most preposterously awesome community in the world. Because you're in it. And you're preposterously awesome.

#itsabsurdhowawesomeyouare #dontletitgotoyourhead

Marc, Lacey, Big Tom
Marc, Lacey, Big Tom