Vindication (International Only)

Created by Orange Nebula

For orders in the USA, please visit Vindication (formerly Epoch: The Awakening) is a highly strategic tabletop board game for 2-5 players. The main mechanic is action selection with advanced resource management and an optional focus on area control. Game play generally takes 15-30 minutes per player.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Vindication Update #38: Brass Eyeballs, Monster Planets, and Limited Promo Packs Just for You
9 months ago – Thu, Dec 06, 2018 at 12:55:52 AM

Who’s ready for another Family Meeting?!

We’re so excited about our first piece of business that we’re dispensing with the usual opening pleasantries to announce as quickly as possible that…

The Orange Nebula Vault Opens Tomorrow.
Get An Email Reminder!

Oh. Oh yes. Sometime between right now and early tomorrow morning (PST) we will have launched Nebsite 2.0 and with it the much anticipated, much requested, much official Orange Nebula store.

You may have noticed that we love to create. As the new site will attest, that passion extends beyond the tabletop world and into anything that inspires, challenges, or just plain excites. As veterans of the design industry we are so un-containably excited for the opportunity to bring our personal creations into the world and to connect with the community over them.

If you’re into lovingly designed merchandise that isn’t shy about being ridiculously well made, or just like the idea of the occasional piece of boardgame-related apparel and swag (why isn’t there more of this!?) we hope you will give our newest creations a gander and let us know what you think!

Oh. And guess what? Free shipping in the USA on all orders over $100.

Limited Vindication Promo Packs!

A while back we announced that as a thank you for all the amazing energy and enthusiasm, we would be releasing a twelve-card Vindication promo pack absolutely free (plus shipping).

The buzz and anticipation surrounding this has been more than we anticipated (or that our inboxes could handle) so we are absolutely thrilled that tomorrow is the day those packs become available!



Do I Need a Promo Code?

Yeah. Here’s how that works. Anyone who enters promo code “5OFF” when checking out from the store will receive, well, exactly what it sounds like.

Starting in 2019, the promo pack will run at $3.95, so this discount code will make the pack free and off you go on your merry way!

Oh, and by-the-way, if other things are more your thing, that promo code is good toward anything in the store. Because while we heard from a great many of you about the promo packs we also heard at least as much excitement about Orange Nebula shirts, hats, and the item in the store we are probably most excited about - our brass pin set highlighting the heroic attributes.

What about the rest of the updates?

You're wasting time reading this. Head over to the Nebsite and sign up for the email updates. We're sending one in the next 12 hours, so...get on that.

We love you, friend. With all of our inter-galactic, glittery magical, elder-wizardly, chicken-gizzardly love.

Vindication Update #37: Vindication Invades the Earth
10 months ago – Thu, Nov 08, 2018 at 12:54:14 AM

Dreams are becoming reality; Vindication is invading the earth.

Some of you may have noticed your porches being broken this week by a behemoth of a box from Quartermaster Logistics. What can we say — get stronger porches.

Now that shipping is underway it’s only natural for everyone who hasn’t received their game to get a bit curious about the timeline. Please understand these are estimates and refrain from burning us to the ground if something changes by a few days!    

Europe: European orders are being fulfilled by GamesQuest and are expected to begin shipping the week of November 12 (next week).

Asia: Orders for all regions near Asia have already begun.

Australia: Australian orders are being fulfilled by Aetherworks and are expected to begin shipping the week of November 12 (next week).

Canada: Canadian orders are being fulfilled by Snakes & Lattes and are expected to begin shipping the week of November 12 (next week).

United States: US orders are being fulfilled jointly by QML and our warehouse in Vancouver, WA. Nearly all the QML shipments have already left the building and the WA warehouse is underway. Most pre-order games are included in this latter batch.

ROTW: All other orders are being fulfilled by QML out of Florida. Most of these orders have left the facility. Because of the distance and complicated details involved in some of these international shipments please be patient as your package works its way to you.

What if you have not yet received notification?

DO. NOT. FREAK. OUT. We are only about half way through the fulfillment process and there are still thousands of orders yet to go. Please help us keep the administrative overload somewhere approaching “manageable” by giving it a week or two before requesting we research your specific package.

If you need to contact us about your shipment please do so at Chasing these types of logistical questions over all of the social media platforms is borderline overwhelming.

General Game Q&A

Q:  I have damaged or missing parts. What to do?

A:  Most of you will received the game from Quartermaster Logistics. If you need to request a part replacement, please contact and inform them of the issue with photos.

If you don't have a slip in the box with the Quartermaster Logistics logo, send us an email at and we'll quickly get you sorted through our Vancouver warehouse.

Q:  I think I might be missing I?

A:  You might be referring to the Boulder Hulk miniature, which was a promotional Kickstarter exclusive for backers who helped us bring this product into the world. Only the crowdfunding backers got that one, but good news — it’s not part of game play— just a promotional item. If you didn't back the original Kickstarter, there will be one empty well in your large game tray.

Similarly, if you didn't order the upgraded components, there will be empty wells for the 5 guild monument miniatures. If you have 4 or more miniatures, then you probably have the monuments. There's only one box for all games.

We won't be offering exclusives anymore (lesson learned) but we do have something special in mind for our next campaign that we think everyone will love.

Q:  I ordered a hat/tee shirt, when is that coming?

A:  Those are being packed next week and sent to everyone, with a swag thank you for diving in early.

Q:  How do the GameTrayz work with all of these wonderful components?

A:  Glad you asked! Here's a handy video:

Rules Questions?

We worked very hard on the visual guide for Vindication but like all rulebooks, it will never be perfect.

Right now, we’re getting questions in four different email inboxes, two Twitter accounts, Kickstarter comments, Instagram, texts from our Moms, two Facebook pages and two Facebook messenger accounts. Corralling as many questions as possible into a central location makes it easier for other gamers to find answers and it makes it easier for us to respond to everyone.   We realize that not everyone uses BGG in which case please feel free to contact us through the website.

If you do have a BGG account, we strongly encourage you to present your questions in this official thread:

Orange Nebula Online Store Launch

We have received many inquiries from people hoping to get their hands on some of the sweet sweet merch we debuted at our Vindication launch party!

This has us STOKED because as a bunch of designers we are all about the merch. We’re about to unleash our e-commerce experience at in the next two weeks. At that time were fixing to send out a bit of a thank you (rumors are flying about a coupon code…) to anyone subscribed to the email list - so keep an eye out for that.

Sneak Peek

Oh, and here are some photos of the BRASS PINS we developed for the Vindication heroic attributes of Courage, Vision, and Wisdom.

These were designed to remind you (or a friend) of the heroic attributes that already exist within you so that you can go be the hero / heroine you already are.

Remind someone of their own Vision, Courage, and Wisdom
Remind someone of their own Vision, Courage, and Wisdom

On the back of the cards, the text reads:


“The future you are building was founded in the past, by insights born of your experience and knowledge. Surge forward by reflecting back, transforming a life-lived into a life-worth-living. Own your understanding, put it to use, and illuminate your path with the light of its flame.”


“The destiny you seek demands you dig deep, calling forth the strength and inspiration necessary for the journey ahead. Move forward despite your obstacles, let your actions be worthy of your calling, and awaken the person you are meant to become.”


“Trust the thing inside you that refuses to settle for what already is—that sees a future reality so clearly its creation seems almost inevitable. Lean in. If it’s tangible enough to rise in your mind’s eye, all that remains is to reach out and grasp it.”


We’re counting on you.

Most of you know that this is our first game. We've got a ways to go before we break even on this project and would love to share the game with more people.

The enthusiasm of so many of you is the reason Orange Nebula is on the cusp of success. Because this has been a community effort, and because we know we didn’t make it here on our own, we are not too proud to humbly request your help in pushing this project onto a bigger stage and helping make Vindication a hit. There’s only so much we can do - in the end you have the real power.

If when you receive your game you find that you enjoy the experience it offers, the way its presented, the care taken in any specific detail, or if you just flat had a nice time hanging out with this community the last year or so — you can’t overestimate the positive impact that sharing those things on social media has on our fledgling endeavor here.

If you're a BoardGameGeek member, would you please post your favorite moments for us? Reviews on the Vindication page are by far the impactful way to contribute!

Everyone else...would you post your favorite things about the game on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc using these hashtags?

#vindicationboardgame #boardgames #tabletop

What else? Thank you all for continuously blowing our minds with your generosity toward each other and for partnering with us to make this game a real thing in real life on real tables for actual people to have actual experiences with. We’re not worthy. But since its happening we’ll run with it and make you proud.

Hugs, Handstands and Slap Fights, —The O’ Neb Crew:  Marc, Lacey the Untamed, Big Tom, D-Lock, and Father Merch
Hugs, Handstands and Slap Fights, —The O’ Neb Crew:  Marc, Lacey the Untamed, Big Tom, D-Lock, and Father Merch

Vindication Update #36: Vindication Release Party—Oct 27, 2018
11 months ago – Sat, Sep 29, 2018 at 11:47:21 PM

Flash update, Wretch!

Vindication Release Party:  October 27* — 4pm-8pm

Important: if you want full details, look for our email later today if you are signed up for email updates from

Get your game - learn to play - get free stuff
Get your game - learn to play - get free stuff
  • Pickup your game and get a free 12-card limited promo pack (on sale in Nov)
  • Learn the game firsthand by playing or watching in one of several simultaneous play groups
  • Free for everyone: free food, free beverages, free high-fives
  • Prizes and swag packages raffled every hour
  • Social media contests and interviews with Lacey
  • AMA with Marc and Big Tom (including new game teasers)
  • The party is in Vancouver, WA (5 minutes North of Portland OR)
  • Kids ages 12 and up are welcome
  • Small table with limited-edition Orange Nebula merch

*Barring any delay in customs (gasp!)


Q: Can I still change my address?

A:  Yes, but not for long. Send a courteous email with your name, new address, phone number (for shipping courier) and one of us will add you to the manual change list.

Q: How is shipping being handled to Asia and Canada?

A: Asian backers will have their games fulfilled through the EU channel of Quartermaster Logistics. Canadian backers will have theirs shipped by the US channel of QML.

Q: How many cards are in Vindication, and what is the sleeve size?

A: There are 196 cards in the box, and the sleeves are 70x70mm square. Side note:  Sleeved cards fit flush in the box, and stay in place better than non-sleeved cards. We recommend sleeving for this reason. Photos coming in the near future...

Q: You're taking care of backers before making the game available in retail...right?

A: Of course. Don't even sweat it. Backers and pre-order customers get the game before it becomes available in any online or brick-and-mortar store. You first. You are one of us. We are one giant family. 

That’s it!

This has been one of the most meticulously challenging and amazingly fulfilling projects of my life. As is generally the case, the most significant accomplishments require the most blood, sweat, and tears. We've planted the seeds, cultivated the crops, and are starting to experience the joy that comes from sharing the harvest with you.

Thank you for being a part of it all. I am forever #grateful. You wretch.

Vindication Update #36: Fulfillment Details + Surprise Teaser
11 months ago – Wed, Sep 19, 2018 at 01:04:51 AM

Hey, friend. Your game is almost here. #fistpump

Ships are on the water. For real.

“Wait your place in line,” they said.

“Don’t you know who we are!?” we said.

“No.” they said.

“OK!” we said.

Bottom line: things slowed down for a bit. Now things are un-slowed down. The games will be making landfall on your landmass in October and to you as soon as possible after that. Boosh. The pre-alert for the incoming AU lane has already been issued and others are due any second.

What you need to know

It's late. We all know this. Keep in mind that we're treating all KS backers and pre-order customers as investors and we chose to protect your investment over the timeline. In the investment world, timelines are important, but not nearly as important as the quality of the product and the eventual return on that investment.

Did this take longer than we were anticipating in our last update? Yuuup. Some of the delay was due to our being cautious, some was just things flat taking longer than we had projected. “Peak freight season” combined with chatter about increased tariffs means freight companies, ports, shipping lanes — they've all been slammed. And then there were hurricanes. Typhoons. Whatever. They may have slowed us but they could not stop us.

We’ve been approaching every aspect of this learning process with consideration and mindfulness, making careful decisions and, when in doubt, pumping the brakes until we’re comfortable and confident. Things are solid. More than that...things are AWESOME.

The Fiddly Details

USA : Quartermaster Logistics (Jacksonville, Florida)

  • Departed Shanghai:  SEP. 14
  • ETA : 21-28 Days

AUSTRALIA : Quartermaster Logistics (Sydney, AUS)

  • Departed Shanghai: SEP. 14
  • ETA : 14 Days

USA : Orange Nebula (Portland, OR)

  • Vessel: APL YANGSHAN
  • ETA : 21 Days
  • Departed Shanghai: SEP. 17

EU : Quartermaster Logistics (Southampton, England)

  • Vessel: AL NEFUD
  • Departed Shanghai: SEP. 17
  • ETA : 24-30 Days

If you need to make a last-second address change, please send an email to and we'll make sure it gets handled.

Final Assembly (Early August)
Final Assembly (Early August)
Prepping for freight (August)
Prepping for freight (August)

Throughout everything we continue to be blown away by the crowd of amazing people we have somehow been gifted by the great community cosmos. The character and care that are being manifested in the Kickstarter comments, on social media, on BGG – we cannot tell you how grateful we are for each and every one of you. THANK YOU.

Please know, if you ever have any questions or concerns – reach out to us. We are accessible, we are welcoming, we are restless and not in bed when we should be. Find us on social, find us on We mean it when we say we are all about our community – take us up on that.

Do you dare take the Guild Assessment Quiz?
Do you dare take the Guild Assessment Quiz?

Pop quiz, hotshot (with Giveaway!)

How about more guild shenanigans? How about some quality swag? How about both? Yeah, we think so too. We’ve put together a little lark where your response to a scenario suggests which of the island’s secretive guilds your temperament may align you with. Why? Because FUN. And we're giving away a swag/merch pack to one participant. Could it be you?

“What's this? I'll get a bonus entry for every user that clicks and enters from my shared link?”

That is affirmative! Head thisaway to check that out. (Easter Egg alert! The whiteboard in that video is LOADED with spoilers for the upcoming cooperative space game which is definitely not titled Flippin Bizarre Space Thing).

More Awesome Things

You have all been so wonderful, we figure it’s only fair we share a little fresh teaser of our next game. No deep dives yet — but there are some little bits we have ready and we think you’ll enjoy them. Check these out and let us know in the comments what types of mechanics you think you’re seeing here! 

Once again everyone – THANK YOU. For your support, for your patience, for your cheerful spirits, for your enthusiasm. We have so many ideas for new and different experiences we want to share with you – we’re so excited to continue with you all on this journey.

Much love and many bad dance moves,

Your otherworldly peeps at O-NEB.

Vindication Update #35: Oceanbound
about 1 year ago – Thu, Aug 09, 2018 at 01:23:45 AM

Super-Quick Update:

We're wretched. We're keeping the KS updates brief and to the point. We just sent out a detailed email blast with all of the details of what's going on with Orange Nebula, notes about fulfillment, rulebook translations, and a few other items. Look for that in your inbox if you're signed up. To the point...the good news you've been waiting for...

Blah, blah blah, where’s my game?

Manufacturing: complete
Assembly: complete
Loading Ships: currently in progress
Ocean Transport: imminent <---------------------

Your game will be ocean-bound any day now. Customs on both sides needs to take place, and we can't give you an exact day when the game will arrive on your porch, but nobody—NOBODY—is as eager as we are.

Our advanced copies of Vindication were on display at GenCon...did you swing by?
Our advanced copies of Vindication were on display at GenCon...did you swing by?
Yes, those individual player trayz are looking pretty amazing with the metal coins...
Yes, those individual player trayz are looking pretty amazing with the metal coins...

We had one final snaggly-detail with the plastic coin holders not holding the gorgeous player medallions well enough to meet our standards, so we had to re-make them. It was a microscopic issue, and the manufacturer handled it immediately and without question. As you know, we're not willing to rush through those details just because we're all eager. This game is worth it, and more importantly, you're worth it.

The vision for Orange Nebula is so much more than we’ve had an opportunity to express thus far and we cannot wait to share more and more of our passions with you all. Stick around and join the conversation - this is your community.

Much love, Marc, Lacey, and Big Tom Casual

P.S. — Wanna see the new site? How does it look on mobile? Give us your feedback!